About Us

Grandma didn't think it was possible to make so many and still have quality.
But with her experience and her grandson's help, they have proved it possible!

Some family secrets are just too good to keep! This is especially true of Anna Hoffman’s delectable nutbread recipe. And Keith Hoffman, her grandson, is not a good secret keeper! His company, Grandma Ann's Nutbread, shares the secret of Grandma's flavorful breads with the world.

Grandma Ann's is a small scale bakery specializing in Croatian nutbread known as Potica (pronounced po-Tee-sa) and nutroll. We bake about 125 loaves a day using only quality ingredients like Watkins Vanilla and farm fresh eggs. There are no additives or preservatives in our baking process, and no two loaves are alike. Each nutbread is a 2 lb. loaf, made from fresh yeast dough and filled with a generous ½ lb. of moist, fresh ground walnut mix.  In addition to nutbread, we offer other flavors such as poppy seed, apricot and seedless red raspberry.

We also offer a variety of other fine baked goods for just about any occasion, including cookies, biscotti, pastries and several flavored breads. You've just got to try them for yourself, because we bake "nuttin but the best."